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Meet Taurid

Taurid is unique. Taurid is strong and willful. Like the harvest time meteor shower for which he’s named, Taurid came out of nowhere to dazzle, impress and beguile me. Born as an unassuming fermentation to assist a grower friend with an over abundance of fruit, Taurid has captivated me with his power and depth from that first taste in 2012.

Powered by the intense wild bull like power of Petite Sirah, Taurid has challenged me as a winemaker to tame and soften him, to add some nuance and grace without diminishing his brilliant core fruit. It is a challenge I relish every harvest. Both Taurid’s wish and mine are that you enjoy and share this deep and wonderful wine.

winemaker notes

Taurid Red Blend

Focused cherry, cassis and wild blackberry complimented with abundant spice and chocolate notes. Vanilla, mocha, allspice, clove, dark chocolate and the faintest hint of a distant cedar campfire. Finely knit into a supple seamless wine that has power, tenderness and complexity.

The vibrancy of the fruit and silky tannins guarantee this wine will be delicious for a decade. This wine opens up with time – enjoy it evolving over the course of a meal or through an evening and marvel at the stability, balance and power of this seamless wine. Big, Bold, Forceful, Focused, Supple & Smooth. 

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The Vineyard

Taurid comes from the temperate middle section of Napa Valley near the town of Yountville. The unique confluence of climate and geography that is Napa Valley are instrumental to the density and power of Taurid. The typical summer morning dawns with a high marine layer of fog 500 feet above the valley floor. This prolongs cool nighttime temperatures for several hours until the intense California sun burns through. The temperature jumps 20 degrees and the vines click into ripening mode. This daily 35 degree temperature swing produces intense flavors and a supple tannin structure. Careful morning side leaf removal and drip irrigation insure proper sun exposure for optimal ripening. Taurid was hand harvested at peak ripeness on October 3rd.

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